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Year 1 

Origins of Modern Music

Identify the origins of modern music and comprehend how historical situations influence and take influence from music. Discover why certain songs within seminal genres become so successful and how they influence the future of music for generations to come.

Introduction to Modern Music Production  

Start your journey as a recording industry professional. The modern music industry requires competency with recording and sharing sound files with other professionals. Discover the history of recording and apply your knowledge in the studio to create your own track relating to the genres studied in MMI101.

Keyboard Skills and Theory (Optional Module)

Discover core and applied instrument skills on piano keyboard and the relevant theory behind music. Improve performance skills and increase understanding of entry level music theory and harmony. Enhance flexibility in programming and playing midi in creative music technology.

Establishing a Career in the Music Business (Optional Module) 

Discover how to create and maintain your career as a music industry professional. Where the money comes from, where it goes to and how you can control and influence your incomings and outgoings. Explore your possible roles in the music industry and apply the skills involved in planning and executing an event where income is generated and accounts are kept.

Introduction to Event Planning and Promotion

Discover the many roles and responsibilities involved in putting on a live event in the modern market. Using a modest budget to run a music based experience in a professional setting. Marketing the event and generating income from music, then balancing the accounts.

Individual Progression Pathway

Develop your personal expertise in your chosen field within the music business under the supervision of a music industry professional. Refine the skills you will need to succeed in the music industry with an individual learning plan and unique assessment relevant to your chosen discipline and skill level. Demonstrate and journal your progression and evaluate your ability to progress even further.

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