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Year 3

Composing to a Music Brief

Investigate the making of music in the modern age. Develop your own approach to song writing and generate a style based on a critical understanding of music making. Use your new found musical knowledge to create and assemble a portfolio of your own music.

Festival Curation

Create your own music festival with multiple acts and compere. Design, and construct a large scale physical or online event that features a series of musical acts performing live wither onstage or online. Develop new contacts in the music industry and use communication skills to bring them together in one big event.

Investigation of Practice

Investigate the approaches to your chosen subject specialism in the music industry. Study how professionals in your field find creative inspiration and find their voice. Discover how to attain better practice by informing your practice through research.

Teaching Practice

Learn practical skills in designing and delivering a short music industry course. You will be required to research into viability of product and deliver a bespoke tuition service that is fully aware of all current platforms in delivery options. This is the point where you can create a new and interesting evolution of teaching practice perspectives.

Vocational Portfolio

Create and assemble a portfolio that showcases your professional and technical abilities in the music industry. Devise and organize marketing materials that promote you to employers and consumers in the music industry.

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