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Year 2

Analysis of Modern Music

From 1979 to 2000 this module is a critical analysis of the latter part of the 20th Century where innovations in digital technology led to new movements in music such as electronica.

Recorded Music Revenue (Optional Module)

Develop your skills in the recorded music sector. Compare revenue streams and learn what model of distribution suits your music best. Carry out research and apply your results to your career maximising profit from your recordings and creations. Discover how to make your recordings make money. Differentiate between the revenue streams involved in recorded music. Use current information to keep earning money from your music in new situations, with new market forces.

Introduction to Composition (Optional Module)

Develop an individual voice and composer of music. Explore technical skills and creativity as a composer. Broaden artistic overview of music and discover the ability to communicate through music.

Advanced Music Production

Become empowered and enabled to get high quality results from a home studio or more professional DAW. Develop the skills to apply critical perspectives to the analysis of your own work, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Touring in the Modern Music Industry

Discover the issues involved in putting on a mini tour in more than one location. Use the knowledge gained to negotiate reaching out to artists, venues, agents and promoters to put on at least two shows in different places.

Continuing Progression Pathway

A continuation of year one's specialism study.

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