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NAME is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for your individual pathway in the music industry. We are an approved higher education provider, with a ratified BA Honours. degree course. 

Work with professionals
Publicise your career.
Programme & promote events

We will train our learners to a professional level of practice that will enable our learners to enter the workplace. Through our industry contacts we will give our learners and alumni the best possible advantage within the industry they seek to enter. 

At name you will be given the skills to not only create a career portfolio, but to promote and publicise your services to the industry and general public. Maximising use of modern methods of PR will be  shared by successful and widely known professionals.


Northern Academy of Music Education will inspire our learners to innovate and create, pushing boundaries within the sector. A strong emphasis on event creation and management runs through each year of our higher education programme giving you the skills to make money from the music industry.


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